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Divorce and My Home 

Edens Realty Group
Specializing in Divorce Real Estate 

If you are going through a divorce, there are many difficult decisions that need to be made - including what to do with your family home. As a RCS-D Endorsed real estate agent, I understand the complexities of this situation and work compassionately to help my clients navigate through it. My expertise in divorce real estate ensures that every aspect of the transaction is handled efficiently and with sensitivity, so that you can focus on moving forward with your life.

Some popular questions we get are:

Can I keep my home after the divorce?

Do I have to pay my spouse for their portion of the house and how do I do that?

I have repairs that have to be made but we are having to sell the house. What can I do?

My name isn't on the loan. Does that mean I don't get the house?

How do I know if I can afford the house after my divorce is final?

Does getting a divorce hurt my credit to buy another home?

I'm keeping the home but it needs work. Who pays for that?

If you're not sure what your next steps are or where to get started, please reach out to us and schedule your free consultation here. If you need recommendations for an attorney, we have vetted attorneys we work with. 

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